Factor that influence cement production at East African Portland Cement company

The Kenyan market as far as cement is concerned is price sensitive, this is to mean, customers will always go for cheap cement as long as quality acceptable. Thus for the Kenyan industries, they have to find a way of reducing their product cost and one of the key opportunity areas of cost reduction is the production function. In view of this, this study's objective was to determine the factors that affect cement production in Kenya with a view to making recommendations for improvement and East African Portland Cement Company Limited (EAPCC) was selected as a case study for the purpose.

Factors influencing marketing of Cofee by the Co-operative societies in Kisii Central District, Kenya

The study was conducted to establish factors influencing marketing of coffee by the cooperatives societies in Kisii Central District. Governance' issues in co-operatives, conflicts, motivation and supervision of co-operative employees constituted the factors under investigation. The study particularly sought to establish the relationship between these factors and marketing of coffee by the co-operative societies in Kisii Central District. Relevant literature is reviewed by outlining an overview of the co-operative movement and the identified factors.

The role of the church in the management of Socio-economic projects: a case of Seventh Day Adventist, Kisii County

This research work was on the role of the Church in management of socio-economic projects, A case of South Kenya conference of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. The background of the study addressed issues of management by defining what management is and also examining the existing managers on whether they were doing what management entails. The statement of the problem of the study is that since the establishment of the Socio-economic projects, there has never been a clear way of running the projects since the seventh Day Adventist church does not have a human resource department.

Influence of women enterprise fund on socio-economic development of women entrepreneurs: a case of Bonchari constituency, Kisii County; Kenya

This study sought to establish the influence of Women Enterprises Fund on socioeconomic development of women entrepreneurs in Bonchari Constituency, Kisii County; Kenya.

The influence of monitoring and evaluation on the effectiveness of teaching and learning in schools in Kiambu District, Kenya

Education is the key to development especially in developing countries. Education is both formal and non formal. For formal education, the processes of teaching and learning become very crucial because unless the two are carried out effectively the objectives of the learners attending school cannot be achieved. One way to find out if these objectives have been achieved is through monitoring and evaluation done in schools.

Effectiveness of government grants in the improvement of self-help group members standards of living: the case of selected groups in Mombasa, Kenya

The essence of this research project was to assess the effectiveness of government grants in the improvement of the standards of living of self-help group members in Mombasa, Kenya. The study was guided by four objectives. The first objective was to determine the effectiveness of the criteria used by the government to disburse grants to self-help groups. The second objective was to determine the effect of the grants disbursement on the self-help group members' standards of living.

Challenges facing community based water supply projects in semi-arid regions of Kenya; the case of Samburu-Vigurungani water supply project in Kinango District, Kwale County

In spite of the efforts made by the various governments in Kenya, Non Governmental organizations and other developmental stakeholders, the water shortages in Kinango has been a challenge for the majority of residents not only in the rural areas but also in major urban centers, The government tried to alleviate this problem by digging pans and drilling boreholes. but failed due to salinity of the underground water and poor management of the pans.

Influence of primary school headteacher's leadership attributes on academic performance of learners: the case of Bungoma West District, Kenya

Academic performance of learners is the ultimate goal of education worldwide. Education being a basic welfare provision, it enabled those who succeeded take part fully in socio- economic and political development of a country and have a decent standard of living. Various reform packages are being implemented throughout the world to ensure that every child receives basic education, specifically so in the second millennium development goals. Parents had released their children to school in order to receive that education. The community has provided resources required by the schools.

Kenyan Print media and National cohesion: a comparative study of the Daily Nation and the Standard Newspapers

National cohesion underscores need to rebuild relationships. Subtly acknowledged, conflicts erode cohesion and leaves indelible memories for the affected. In the melee the social fabric of the nation is destroyed. Rebuilding such relationships in communities traumatized, displaced and lost loved ones is a process. It is a process that cannot be rushed nor prescribed a timeframe. Establishment of durable peace is critical, yet most difficult to achieve. It begins at an individual level and finally between communities.

An investigation into the causes and dynamics of slope cutting in the Timau area, North Western foot slopes of Mt Kenya

At the North Western foot. slopes of Mount Kenya. bet.ween Nanyuki Town and Kisima Farm. prominent erosion scars with steep, bare and deep edges are widespread on the gently sloping land surface. Unlike the usual gully morphology, it rarely has clearly defined head-cuts and channels. This erosion is associated with land wasting by exposing deep seated subsoil layers. Most of t.h e affected area at present is a small holder crop growing area. The causes time of initiation and changes in the erosion have not been previously documented.


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