Department of land resource management & agricultural technology annual report 2012/2013

The Department of Land Resource Management and Agricultural Technology (LARMAT) through training, research and community service, aims at enhancing sustainable natural resource management and development of technologies suitable for sustainable livelihoods, and informing policy. The department offers b oth undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in soil, water, range, agroforestry and environmental management. The department also offers consultancy and advisory services in soil survey, soil fertility and water management, land use planning, and bio - fer tilizer producti on among others. The Department hosts the Center for S ustainable Dryland Ecosystems and Societies (CSDES) and the regional Micro - Biology Resource Centre (MIRCEN) that offers training in biological nitrogen fixation and inoculants production . LARMAT has the mandate to manage Kibwezi and Machang'a field stations, which have great potential for irrigated agriculture, livestock production and bee keeping. I n addition , the department is in charge of Ngong Forest F ield Station , where a tree seedlings nursery is maintained.