Managing transnational water conflict in the Nile region: with reference to Lake Victoria, Kagera and the Nile Basins

Our area of study is the Nile region comprising of
ten countries: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania,
Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea
and Egypt. The main problem has been
the utilization and equitable distribution of the N
ile waters among these countries, leading to
many conflicts and tensions. For the last three de
cades various Nile Countries have come up with
different cooperative ventures to try and find solu
tions to these conflicts.
The main objective of this study therefore, is to f
ind out the main reasons for cooperation and non
cooperation among these Nile countries as they esta
blish different institutional frameworks
within the region. Essentially, the study argues th
at institutions play an important role in
enhancing cooperation among countries. Therefore, t
he study attempts to critically analyze how
appropriate and effective the existing institutions
are enhancing cooperation among these